Sorin Careba Photography

Enisala Fortress

As a wedding photographer, I love traveling and shooting weddings all over the world.I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a trash the dress at Enisala Fortress. It is an incredible location for a wedding photographer. The site is a Roman Fortress by the sea side in Romania, with an incredible view towards the Danube Delta.

For wedding photography I would suggest going to Enisala Fortress at sunset. You will get incredible light and colors and if you are lucky and you have a few clouds and a bit of wind it is truly amazing.
As a wedding photographer, being called by Gabi and Ionut to do a trash the dress was an opportunity that I could not miss.
One late May afternoon we headed to the Romanian sea side for a trash the dress session. We went to the beach shot a few wedding photos, but soon decided to go and do something amazing. Capture the sunset at Enisala Fortress. The only problem was that Enisala Fortress was about 150km away and the sunset was about 2 hours away 🙂 So we raced like crazy on Romania’s twisted roads, through a wonderful scenery of golden fields doted by thousands of wind mills and forests. By the time we got to Enisala Fortress the sun was already touching the horizon. We had almost lost that time of the day that is so sought after by every wedding photographer.
We took a few photos in the valley near the Fortress with the sun setting through the clouds and then we ran up rugged hill towards the castle. THe hill on which Enisala Fortress is built has an impressive ridge of crags worn down by winds since time immemorial. With the wind blowing across the ridge fluttering the dress Gabi looked as if she was flying. Wedding photography at it’s best!

Enjoy this wonderful trash the dress session!